Mediterranean chain of restaurants
Mediterranean Crepes
February, 10-18

Tender, thin, lace crepes are from Mediterranean countries which trend tastes all over the world.

Restaurant Chain
Fine Family
This is a family of restaurants where work and which visit those who follow similar philosophy, lifestyle, attitude to health and family. They take life easy. People who adore Mediterranean way of life. They like cooking and serve their guests delicious things. Delicious does not mean expensive.
Why Mediterranean cuisine?
While working on the project we followed famous fact that the healthiest and most organic cuisine for people from the West is Mediterranean one. Its food is rich not only in seafood but vegetables, beans, meat, olive oil and other healthy food stuffs. In addition to marvelous taste this cuisine gives ease and cheerfulness to your body as well as fills it with energy which is so important for people who live in a megalopolis!
The Mediterranean inspires us with its spirit of sea-side towns in Spain, Southern France and Italy. Mediterranean colour and spirit mixed with warm paints and rhythm of life that Spaniards call «mañana» meaning tomorrow, some day - no hurry - enjoy.
Here we meet unique bright colours mixed with natural atmosphere. This helps to feel that the life is beautiful!
We provide special atmosphere. Our guests do not want to go home cause we are home. And we value our homes because they mean a place where we 're-charge' ourselves and have a rest from urban rhythm. Summer lives here!
Tapas is our unique offer
Tapas is a small appetizer mostly best for those who prefer different experience with tastes and do not like overeating. In different countries they've got different names: snack, mezze, Mediterranean small plates. Tapas became popular thanks to more dynamic way of life. Ordering several tapas people can try more dishes at one visit of the restaurant. Practically, tapas is a full value dish but in tasting manner.
Fine Family is a small and tasty chain of restaurants with home cosiness and happy family. We are not a mass market project but a handmade one. Each restaurant has its unique character and unique offer:
Rooster in wine at Fine Family 5, Symon Petlyura str. near railway station
Red cauldron full of delicious dishes for a lunch every day at Fine Family ¾ Zhytomyrska str., Maidan Nezalezhnosti
Different steaks at Fine Family 25, Petro Sahaydachnyi str. in Podol
Authentic tapas at Fine Family 25, Druzhby Narodiv ave.
Grilled fish at Fine Family 34, Vasylkivska str. closer to Lev Tolstoy Square
Marche stall with season delicacies and fruits at Fine Family 10, Verhniy Val str. in Podol.
Chef's salads are prepared in dining room in front of our guests. They are dressed with diverse herb oils at Fine Family 1, Mykilsko-Slobidska str. opposite to IEC (MVC Expo)